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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Black Democrat-Turned-Trump Republican: ‘We Need a Strong Man’ in Office

ANAHEIM — Candace Campbell, an African-American woman who works as a contractor with the federal government, told Breitbart News on Sunday that she switched from Democrat to a Republican this election cycle in order to vote for Donald Trump because she believes “we need a strong man” in the White House.

“We need a man with bals,” she said.

Campbell, 47, was attending the “Operation Taco Bowl” rally in front of Anaheim City Hall, which was put together by a group of Latinos who support Trump for president. The rally was named for an infamous Donald Trump tweet, which led Democrats to refer to Latino outreach as “taco bowl” outreach in a series of emails revealed by Wikileaks last month.

Campbell told Breitbart News that she does not believe Hillary Clinton is well-suited to be president because “she is too weak.” Instead, she suggested that Hillary Clinton “needs to retire … What we’re dealing with is very dangerous and we need someone very strong. She’s not strong enough to deal with what we are dealing with inside our country,” she said. speaking of terrorism and widespread corruption.

She added:

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Rebel Without a Clue said...

This is a smart lady. Hilliary does need to retire.