Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Trump By A Landslide?

If we believe the mainstream media and the Establishment it protects and promotes, Trump has no chance of winning the presidential election. For starters, Trump supporters are all Confederate-flag waving hillbillies, bigots, fascists and misogynists. In other words. "good people" can't possibly vote for Trump.

Even cartoon character Mike Doonesbury is fleeing to Vancouver to escape Trumpism. (Memo to the Doonesbury family: selling your Seattle home will barely net the down payment on a decent crib in Vancouver.)

For another, Trump alienates the entire planet every time he speaks.

The list goes on, of course, continuing with his lack of qualifications.

But suppose this election isn't about Trump or Hillary at all. Suppose, as political scientists Allan J. Lichtman and Ken DeCell claimed in their 1988 book, Thirteen Keys to the Presidency, that all presidential elections from 1860 to the present are referendums on the sitting president and his party.



Anonymous said...

As the pollsters lie to us as if Hillary signs and bumper stickers adorn our yards and cars equal to the Trump signage! It's really 1/100 for Hillary/Trump!

But you just go 'head and watch those "polls"!

lmclain said...

Yeah, but NONE of those elections had a pervasive and powerful media to help persuade the population that one candidate was an evil bigot and the other one was an angel from heaven, sent to fight the evil one.
Having every major news organization (that's what they still like to call themselves, anyway) in your back pocket, willing to ignore any bad news or actions on your part, willing to make excuses, and willing to openly slant their coverage is HUGE.
Also, having a voting block that can't name the Vice-President, can't say who won the Civil War, or what we fought against in WWII, and thinks the American flag offends people (and apologizes!!) is just as big.
Stupid people are easily lead.
Keep cheering.