Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Muslim now? Kaepernick entered NFL as ‘Christian’ celeb

Said his 1st tattoo was New Living Translation version of Psalm 18:39

With rumors afire that San Francisco 49ers quarterback has not only embraced “Black Lives Matter” activism but Islam, it’s worth reflecting on the way he came into the NFL – as a “Christian” celebrity, with most of the controversy in his life concerning his tattoos.

“The first one I got was Psalm 18:39, a scroll on my right shoulder,” Colin Kaepernick told Hollywood Gossip in 2013.

He chose the New Living Translation, which reads: “You arm me with strength for battle. You make my adversaries bow at my feet.



Anonymous said...

lol the conspiracy websites are just the greatest source of news

Anonymous said...

I guess that hot little chick he's running with now changed his mind.
A muslim activist.

Anonymous said...

The 49 hrs need a "Colinoscopy", then a "Colinectomy"

Anonymous said...

Its about time that athletes take a stand for truth. Praise him praise him, He stands as a man with courage.

Zorro said...

that teamis done now....