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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hillary's Story On Working With Tom DeLay Is Mostly False

The Premise Of One Of Hillary’s Favorite ‘I Helped The Children’ Stories Is Totally False

One of the stories Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton relies on to demonstrate her ability to work with Republicans for the sake of the children is almost entirely inaccurate, an investigation by the liberal outlet Mother Jones finds.

Clinton often tells the story on the stump of how she reached across the aisle as first lady to work with Republican Tom DeLay — a famously partisan political opponent of her husband — on an adoption bill that became law in 1997. DeLay was House majority whip at the time and later tried to impeach Bill.

Hillary uses the story as evidence of her bipartisan chops, and it plays nicely into her campaign emphasis on her past work on behalf of children. The only problem is DeLay says it’s not really true. (RELATED: The Clinton Campaign Can’t Escape These 7 Truths)

“I worked with Tom Delay, one of the most partisan Republicans in the congress, to reform the adoption and foster care system,” Clinton said in a February town hall cited by Mother Jones — one of many times she’s told the story. “We never became friends, but we did something good for a lot of young kids who had better lives because of it.”



Anonymous said...

The bigger news on who Hillary has worked for is Barry Goldwater! For those of you too young to know who Barry Goldwater is, he was a very conservative Republician Presidential candiate who lost to Lyndon Johnson in 1964! I didn't believe it when my older sister told me about Hillary; but it is easy to look up. See for yourself. So was Hillary a conservative in '64 before going for the big bucks with Bill? Or was she a mole doing opposition research on Goldwater? Your guess is as good as mine, but they don't call her crooked Hillary for nothing.

Anonymous said...

She is exactly the female version of obama. If their lips are moving, they are lying.