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Monday, August 15, 2016

New York Times, Gannett ask court to unseal Donald Trump’s divorce records

The New York Times and USA Today parent company Gannett have requested the New York Supreme Court to unseal the 1990 divorce records of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The news organizations argue that unsealing the records of Mr. Trump’s divorce from Ivana Trump would help “resolve an ongoing campaign controversy” over whether Ivana accused the business mogul of sexual assault during the separation proceedings, USA Today reported.

The divorce was granted on the ground of “cruel and inhuman treatment,” but Donald and Ivana Trump later reached a settlement. Ivana has since said that she and Donald Trump remain close friends, and she has endorsed his candidacy. She has also downplayed claims of assault during their marriage, USA Today reported.

The news organizations argued that the divorce records are also relevant because of Mr. Trump’s focus on Hillary and Bill Clinton’s marriage, specifically the former president’s extramarital affairs.



Anonymous said...

I for one do not care about his past marital business because it is none of my business. How many reading this have remarried? Also, I could care less about his taxes because I don't want the other runner to gain our White House again. We know for a fact her financials are corrupt and fraudulent.As for as her marriage, well it has been in the public eye for so long I don't care to view it another term or two.
Trump/Pence 2016/2020!!!

Concerned Retiree said...

I don't care about this. More important questions should be about the Clinton corruption. They are operating a Mafia operation combined with a Ponzi scheme / money Laundering while violating US National Security.

Anonymous said...

They're grasping at straws.. trying to find anything they can to smear him.
Desperate, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

In New York State, Cruel and Inhumane Treatment is a very commonly used plea because it gets a quick divorce and often a good settlement.

Anonymous said...

Where is her medical records.

Anonymous said...

This is a non issue no one cares about all of this. Trump is rich from being a businessman. The Clintons are rich from all kinds of illegal means. The Clintons want the power to stay rich and be above the law. Trump on the other hand has nothing to gain personally. He is just tired of all this political bull like the rest of us. And tired of the liberal Democrats ruining our country.

Anonymous said...

no those records cannot possibly be relevent.
who cares anyway. they were sealed for a reason. let it be. documents sealed should never be unsealed!

Anonymous said...

i'd rather we investigate bill's infidelities with young girls on jeffrey epstein's island. they both need to be in jail!