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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

FDNY accused of 'lowering their standards' after decision to allow woman to join despite failing crucial fitness tes

A probationary firefighter is set to graduate from the New York Fire Academy without having passed a controversial physical fitness test, leading to complaints in the department.

The New York Post reports that Rebecca Wax, 33, will become the first firefighter in several years to enter the New York Fire Department having failed the Functional Skills Training test.

'They’re going to allow the first person to graduate without passing because this administration has lowered the standard,' an unnamed source told the paper.

'We’re being asked to go into a fire with someone who isn't 100 percent qualified. Our job is a team effort. If there’s a weak link in the chain, either civilians or our members can die.'

The FST is an obstacle course consisting of drills that include moving a large tire several feet and placing a heavy ladder on a wall while in 50 pounds of gear and an oxygen tank.

The test was dropped as a requirement for graduation late last year by Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro.

According to Sarinya Srisakul, president of United Women Firefighters, the test had been used for years as a training exercise, and became a requirement only in 2008.

The Forest Hills Ledger reports that Srisakul, herself a firefighter in Jackson Heights, Queens, also noted the department constantly amended the required pass times.



Anonymous said...

They're making the Marine Corps do the same thing with their Infantry Officers' course - all the women that have tried have they're lowering the standards so some women will pass.

At this point, I could probably go back in and pass and I have been retired for more than a decade!

Anonymous said...

Playing politics that WILL get people killed.

Anonymous said...

They do the same to allow Africans to fill positions in college, armed forces, jobs, president!

Anonymous said...

Wonder how many men that failed the physical test will sue now? There are physical requirements for a reason. There shouldn't be different requirements in any type of public safety or military jobs just because you are a woman or minority. Like the article says, when you lower the standards you are risking lives of the citizens and employees. When I call 911 because my house is on fire or someone is trying to break into my house, I don't care if you're green or purple, man or woman, I just want someone who knows what they're doing and can get the job done. Not someone who breezed through the academy because all of their standards were lowered so they could feel good about themselves or so that some politician can say "look how much diversity we have". If you want the job pass the same tests that everyone else has to. Sorry if your dream is to be a firefighter or police officer, if you can't pass the tests, you don't get the job. I sure would like to be an astronaut but I don't think NASA is lowering their test standards anytime soon. Just more political correctness continuing to ruin the country just so nobody gets their feelings hurt.

Concerned retiree said...

I remember when MSP was one of the top elite police forces in the US. If I remember right there were Police from other Countries came to MD to train because of the training and professionalism. I also remember when they changed the requirements which included lower qualification scores, Height and weight along with other changes. Now look what we have.
No disrespect to any of the Officers they get my full respect and gratitude. I retired from the Criminal Justice system.

Anonymous said...

You can thank the justice department.

Anonymous said...