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Thursday, April 09, 2015

'Extinct' No Longer? Brontosaurus May Make a Comeback

The Brontosaurus is back. Or at least it should be, according to a new analysis of the long-necked dinosaur family tree.

The study researchers suggest the dinosaur currently known asApatosaurus excelsus is different enough from its Apatosaurian kin as to be a different dinosaur altogether. Because A. excelsus was famously first known as Brontosaurus until 1903, the species would revert back to that original name and become Brontosaurus once again.

It's a proposal that excites some paleontologists and leaves others skeptical, but researchers say it's entirely possible that Brontosaurusmay eventually regain its place in the scientific nomenclature. [See Images of an Apatosaurus Discovery]


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Anonymous said...

In Texas,upright walking lizards that strongly resemble T-Rexes have been seen numerous times.They're only a couple feet tall thank goodness,but proof that a rebound can occur.