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Thursday, April 09, 2015

Anne Arundel man shot in home by police is charged

WASHINGTON — The Anne Arundel County Police have identified a Crofton man who was shot by officers on Saturday is still in the hospital. They’ve also charged him and revealed that the gun he presented to officers was not real.

The police say that they were told early Saturday afternoon that Dallas Ruff, 21, of Chamberlain Court, had been sending text messages to the effect that he was considering harming himself or members of his family. They also say they received information that Ruff’s mother was in the house with him.

When the police got there, they say, they saw Ruff’s mother’s car in the driveway. When they knocked on the door and windows, no one let them in. Officers forced their way into the house, and when they did, Ruff “presented” a rifle-style gun, the police say. Lieutenant Harry Peterson then shot him in the abdomen.



Anonymous said...

Dumb ass with a fake gun..

Anonymous said...

Better no gun than a fake one.