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Thursday, April 09, 2015

Troopers Conducting Pedestrian Safety Initiative

The Delaware State Police will be vigorously enforcing traffic and pedestrian violations from April 14, 2015 to April 19 2015. Troopers will be targeting areas where there is a high frequency of pedestrian fatalities and injury accidents as seen in the past several months. The areas we will target include: Kirkwood Highway, Limestone Road, Chestnut Hill Road and I-95. The hours of operation will be between 4:00 p.m. and midnight with an increase patrols from Thursday to Sunday. Troopers will be looking for any and all pedestrian violations which include: not crossing at designated crosswalks, walking without a light and walking while under the influence of alcohol. Troopers will also be targeting any aggressive driving behavior in the designated locations. The Delaware State Police will be conducting a Pedestrian Safety initiative as part of our on-going efforts to reduce pedestrian fatalities and personal injury accidents.

“Troopers remind pedestrians to use caution and safety when walking on or near roadways. If you must cross a roadway utilize designated cross walks and make sure to look left, then right, then left again before proceeding. When walking near a roadway always make yourself visible to drivers by wearing bright or light colored clothing and reflective materials. Pedestrians that are walking at night must carry a flashlight for added safety.”


Anonymous said...

MSP need to do this on Rt 13 in Salisbury everyone JAY walks and has no respect for the law.

Anonymous said...

so another way to harass someone for walking right?

that sounds about right... Because we all know walking is suspicious...

Anonymous said...

Since when is it a law you must carry a flashlight when walking at night?

Anonymous said...

826 we will see when a truck runs your dumb A// over.

lmclain said...

"Walking without a light"??!
God, how far are they going to reach to teach "we, the people" that they control every aspect of our lives?
Now, you'll have to WALK
carefully, too?
No talking to your passengers in your car. Don't tune the radio. And now, watch where and how you are WALKING! What revenue chasing storm trooper thought this one up?
Its only a matter of time before the Gestapo psut 30 rounds into an unarmed person WALKING wrong.
Are the police running out of things to rake in the dollars?
Looks like it. And its a pitiful sight.
Keep cheering. That includes you, 9:15.

Anonymous said...

station cops around schools when it is dismissed. those little darlings cross wherever and whenever they choose and dare you to hit them.