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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Another Success Story For This Week


"Just an update to the Saturday work ordinance issue. Jake Day has assured me that the Council is unanimously in favor of keeping Saturday part of the weekend".

Publishers Notes: This is awesome. Give credit where credit is due. Clearly Jake Day is listening and respects the fact that citizens deserve a quality lifestyle in the City. The same cannot be said for Mayor Jim Ireton. 

The following is Jake Day's response...

Sorry for any confusion. We are meeting on Tuesday of that week rather than Monday at 1:30pm. It is on the agenda and will be addressed. I will invite you to make remarks if you would like but at this stage I am confident you will see unanimous support from the Council vi believe your issue has been heard and we are in support of this fix. If anything changes I will let you know before hand, but I doubt it will. Thanks for your patience. I appreciate it!



Anonymous said...

Local government at work great citizen participation! This is what happens in a democracy.

Anonymous said...

Nope. Watch, they will leave Saturday but make the workday start later, like 9 or 10.

Anonymous said...

I bet you didn't show up to any council meeting last year... my point stands.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a backroom deal has already been made.

towjam said...

Backroom deal?? Unlikely. The ordinance is ALREADY written. The Council will be clearly defining the word "weekday" by not including Saturday as such.
Its a win for anyone residing inside the City limits.