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Thursday, February 12, 2015

USPS Bribery Scheme

A former Postal Service contracting officer and a mail delivery contractor are charged in a bribery scheme. Gregory Cooper, the contracting officer, allegedly solicited and accepted bribes from contractor Barbara Murphy. In exchange, Cooper helped Murphy win contracts for mail delivery. The Justice Department says Cooper accepted cash deposits into his bank account, car loan payments and a college tuition payment for his daughter. Through the scheme, the Postal Service awarded Murphy with nine contracts worth $1.5 million.


Anonymous said...

When done at the political level bribes are ok. But done amongst the peasants it's criminal.

Anonymous said...

Fire them all!!

Anonymous said...

Privatize the USPS and watch them start to actually make money and waste it!

I watched one postal carrier the other day sitting in the jeep, engine running, eating, and talking on their cell phone for 22 minutes.
The gas costs money. Park the vehicle and go in to a fast food place or go to a parking lot to eat. Don't waste gas and money. Turn the vehicle off.

The trouble with this post office is they have no strong leadership and certainly they have no credible supervision that is watching what is going on inside and outside the building.