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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Conservatives Like Me Are Not The Stereotypes Liberals Say We Are

Am I a flag-waving, meat-eating, God-fearing, gun-toting capitalist?

You bet I am.

Is the Left right about the other stereotypes it puts out there about conservatives like me?

Not so much.

I have friends who are black, Hispanic, Asian, Indian and Jewish. I’m cheating a little bit by mentioning the Indian one because for all I know, she may be about as much of an Indian as Elizabeth Warren, but I take her at her word since she’s not trying to parlay her ethnicity into a university job. Setting that aside, not only could I comfortably take any of my friends with me to a Tea Party or other conservative event, that’s where I met most of them in the first place. It is true that Tea Parties and conservative events tend to be mostly white, but I’ve been to liberal events like Netroots Nation and they’re no different.

From what I saw, the attendees seemed to be 90-95% white, which is extremely ironic. Liberals claim Tea Parties are racist because few minorities attend the events. Yet, even though 90% of black voters and 2/3 of Hispanics vote Democrat, Netroots Nation is almost as white as the Tea Parties. So, I think the pertinent question here is, “Why does Kos hate black people?”

While we’re on the friends topic, I also have friends that are atheist, Mormon, Wiccan, gay and even liberal.

We’re not talking about, “We said hello once in the hallway at work” friends either; we’re talking about going to dinner together, inviting them to stay at my house, helping-them-out-of-a-cab-because-they’re-drunk friends.

At the end of the day, no matter what color or religion they are, people are just people. Well, except for Satanists. Screw those guys!

Once again, you can read it all here.


Anonymous said...

Let's be honest: if you still cling to religion and ignore science, you aren't as rational as you let on to be.

It's perfectly fine to cling to religion and ignore science. But don't pretend you are smarter than the rest of us.

mommy13 said...

No one is pretending to be smarter except you with your rude comments, he was just mentioning that although he believes in religion he is accepting of friends who are not, it is a message if tolerance, unlike your message of arrogance