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Monday, February 10, 2014

French Press Buzzes At Far-Fetched Beyonce-Obama Affair Story

Members of the French press, visiting the United States to cover President Francois Hollande’s meet-up with President Obama, have created a buzz in overseas and domestic news outlets with a story started by one of their own but already shot down as false — that Mr. Obama is having an affair.

French photographer Pascal Rostain said on French radio on Monday morning that pop star Beyonce and Mr. Obama are having an affair, and that The Washington Post is due to break the story on Tuesday, Politico reported. The rumors are completely unfounded — and The Post said through a spokesperson that no such story exists.

But the fact that the allegation is heating up the French wires is interesting in itself, given Mr. Hollande himself was recently tainted by revelations of an affair with an actress, Julie Gaynet, 41.


Anonymous said...

That story is simply not true. Obama is gay. There is no documentation of he and Michelle ever getting married or who was in the wedding. There are no documented birth certificates of the two daughters. Remember when he phoned the basketball player and congratulated him for " coming out of the closet". He and Dennis Rodman have had it going for years. Rodman donated to Obama's campaign so he is our next ambassador to North Korea.

Anonymous said...

The previous poster is correct.

ginn said...

Trash., both of 'em. I've flushed better dumps down the toilet.

Obama Crooked Bastard said...

MSM is pushing this B.S. to hide the fact Obamie is bisexual. If they mention Larry Sinclair or Donald Young that would be very much close to the truth, as someone could get. Without being killed or having "a fatal accident".

Anonymous said...

824 How so? While I accept the political sentiments against Obama I'm curious about your basis for trashing B.

Anonymous said...

Bi-Obozo wishes! He deserves Moochelle.

Anonymous said...

does the name Larry Sinclair mean anything to anyone?

Beyonce worships Obama.

She and her silly Illuminati references are meant to get the woefully undereducated to think Slavery is cool when it is being owned by the right Owners.

Obama Crooked Bastardo said...

Yep. Just watch Larry Sinclair's Press Confernce on.YouTube and thats all you need to know.