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Monday, February 10, 2014

Dashcam Video Shows Uniformed Officer Standing By As Off-Duty Officer Begs For Help Trying To Resuscitate Crash Victims

A Florida police officer is under fire for failing to help dying car crash victims — and it was all caught on tape by a dashboard camera.

Off-duty Miami Police Sergeant Javier Ortiz came upon the car crash scene that ended up killing two University of Miami graduate students, Ying Chen and Hao Liu, according to WFOR-TV.

With medical equipment in his car, Ortiz jumped into action to try and help the victims.

“I immediately started CPR on the female. It was just me. I had no one to work on the male and I was waiting for help to arrive,” Ortiz told WFOR.

Authorities did arrive but it was the help part that was still missing.

Pinecrest Officer Ana Carrasco arrived on the scene shortly afterward. According to WFOR-TV, Ortiz directed her to work on trying to resuscitate the man.

“I got no response. She just stood there,” told the news station.



Anonymous said...

An illegal alien police officer. Go back to Cuba you bum!

Under fire my arse, How about FIRED!!

Anonymous said...

That happens in Wicomico County and the City of Salisbury all the time. Why do you think the fire departments came up with the "Fire Police" program? Because you can't even get a police officer to direct traffic for you. The police officers that really think they are to good to assist and direct traffic are Maryland's Finest, The Maryland State Police. I always notice them during the summer looking for a shade tree so they can watch the incident from there.

Now I do know of an off duty Sheriff's deputy in Wicomico County that ran to his car and got his AED. He ultimately saved a life. Kudos to the Wicomico County Sheriff's deputy for the save. Awesome job. As far as SPD and MSP officers I don't think they carry AED's to assist in cardiac arrests. Many of them don't even carry gloves. I don't think the police officers are dispatched to ambulance calls and they should be.

Anonymous said...

Awww someone must be related, married or working at the sheriff office to bash spd and msp. Or a volunteer fire fighter. You supposeably witnessed a deputy doing that and others finding shade.

Anonymous said...

Well stop crying fire fighter. You save lives, cops fight crime. That is why we pay you right ? The fire police came about when all you Volunteer FF and paid started standing around at scenes for hours playing grab ass. Lets take this 450,000 truck for ride. Then stand around, closing roads for hours to remove one burned out car. You blow into to the moust of some slug. I dont get paid to do that. I will take claculated risk u continue with your god cpmplex.

Anonymous said...

Public Service entitlement mentality- the generalizations fly both ways -enablers make excuses painted with a broad brush-while critics include many Brave and dedicated Americans. If they drop the ball or commit a crime there should be sentencing guidelines and dereliction of Duty taken serious- instead of being up to a Judge.

Anonymous said...

Every time I get on here I see people bad mouthing the police. Bashing them for being ineffective, aggressive, aloof and generally not helpful. Why people? Why must you crap all over the police? Is it because they are evil people and you have an ax to grind? No, ITS BECAUSE THE REPUTATION IS EARNED.

Listen up supposed "police officers", there is something called the internet. A quick search provides hours if not days of footage of you clowns abusing the citizenry. In case you are not aware more people are on the internet now than ever. We all see how you conduct yourselves. We all see your eagerness to pull your weapon and we wonder why.

The Police serve no purpose in my eyes. In my 40+ years on earth I have never been aided or assisted by a police officer. I have never been saved nor have I ever called the police. I do not know anyone that has been helped by the police. Yet here I am, alive and well. Maybe simply because I avoid the police I am still breathing.

This anti-police sentiment that is so pervasive in our society is because people are seeing you for what you are. The public perceptions of you are as mixed and varied as the world we live in but I would hazard to guess most people view you as an element that is best to avoid even though we have done nothing wrong.

lmclain said...

Like the saying goes, "there is no situation the police can't escalate"....