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Monday, February 10, 2014

Black Teen Unemployment Jumps To 38%

The black teen unemployment rate spiked to 38% in January. The dramatic increase represented almost a 10% increase over December's 35.5% unemployment rate. Overall, the teen unemployment rate for all races was 21%, a modest increase from December.

This increase in teen unemployment comes as President Obama and Democrats have made a minimum wage hike the central plank of their economic agenda. Only 2% of hourly workers in the US earn the minimum wage, but the overwhelming majority of teen workers begin work earning the minimum wage. While minimum wage hikes don't lead to many job losses in the overall economy, they can have a large effect among teen workers. The minimum wage, after all, is simply a starting wage.



Anonymous said...

I was recently at a meeting in Ocean City where it was stated that 700 foreign workers were being brought into the city for the summer. Why not provide transportation to areas of Salisbury, Pocomoke and other nearby towns and pick up local teenagers to work in OC instead.

Anonymous said...

Don't you know Obama is going take care of them!

Anonymous said...

10:43 They don't want to work, this is not a problem of "jobs". It's a problem with the socio-economics of their surroundings. Why work when all they know is drugs, alcohol, ebt, snap, wic, and making rap videos for youtube, or worldstarhiphop?

Anonymous said...

11:43 nailed it.

Years ago, it was shameful to be on any government assistance. As a young Sergeant of Marines, we were on food stamps and WIC to take care of the two kids. It prompted me to bust my butt and get promoted and get off the dole.

These folks have no shame - in fact they're proud of the fact they can buy an iPhone with what they don't have to spend on food!

Anonymous said...

12:08 PM you are correct. There was a time when it was embarrassing to use food stamps and welfare. Now Obama has commercials out encouraging black people to get on welfare.