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Thursday, January 16, 2014

[Watch] Man Shot By Police Sitting In His Car With A Disassembled Toy Gun

More information is being made available surrounding the Sunday death of a Yakima, Washington man who was shot inside his vehicle by a police officer who mistook his Airsoft pistol for a real firearm. This mistake occurred in spite of the toy gun being disassembled and in four parts in the passenger seat.

Officer Casey Gilette observed what he determined to be a suspicious vehicle parked outside of a 24-hour car wash on a routine 3 am patrol.

Gilette states that he surveyed the situation for an hour and then elected to investigate.

23-year-old Rocendo Arias was inside in the driver’s seat.



Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you hire college punks with NO street experience ..You should have at least 4 yrs on payroll with some company's after leaving high school.

Anonymous said...

Washington is an open carry state. You can also have a weapon in your car if it is unloaded.
He should have turned on his lights instead of sneaking up on the guy.

Anonymous said...

Mistake? They call this a mistake?
This is FIRST DEGREE premeditated MURDER.
+ a 48 hour UNION imposed gag order where the admitted murderer can not be interviewed? Questioned? taken into custody?
People, this is what happens in Communist countries.
This is what happens when you elect counter culture Communists to public office.
Democrat Socialists must be held accountable, charged, imprisoned or hanged for treasonous acts against the Constitution.

Anonymous said...

Story title: Dumb meets Dumber.

Anonymous said...

The citizens have his name. They know who he is. That is step one.

Step two is to hunt him down like a rabid dog and to put that sick animal out of its misery.

Is the police officer a sick human? Maybe? Probably? It does not matter. He committed murder. Whether through ignorance, inexperience or premeditated hostility it does not matter. This officer unlawfully murdered an unarmed citizen. He should receive the same in return.