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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ex-Obama Pastor Jeremiah Wright Slams President In Speech

Jeremiah Wright, the former spiritual mentor to President Obama who shouted "God damn America," was a keynote speaker at a Wednesday breakfast held by the Chicago Teachers Union to honor Martin Luther King Jr. He used the occasion to slam the president's military and foreign policy.

In his speech, Wright said that although King declared "I have a dream, Barack says, I have a drone." He called for a rejection of the "three-headed demon" of "racism, militarism and capitalism," according to a report by the Chicago Sun-Times.

"Every Tuesday morning, there’s a kill list that the president decides who they’re going to kill this week," Wright said.


Anonymous said...

If he doesn't watch out he'll be on that list.

Anonymous said...

Jeremiah must have had his EBT amount reduced in those last round of cuts : )

Anonymous said...

What a whack job! LOL!

Anonymous said...

He is kinda right obama turned on his roots he is one with the NWO

obama Crooked Bastard said...

This is probably the 1st time pastor 'looney tune' Wright happens to be CORRECT. Halelujah, Praise the Lord. Took him long enough after Barry threw him under the bus in 2008. I guess Barry forgot Wright baptized his children. Well anything possible in this admistration, kind of like Jerry Springer Show, but more sad than funny. so stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

7:27 Preacher = Whack job. Redundant.