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Thursday, January 16, 2014

State Police Working With Progressives To Violate The Second Amendment Rights Of The Citizens Of Maryland

New debate rises over Maryland gun law.

I had been talking with Mr. Wheeler last week regarding the State Police claim that over 50,000 citizens had their firearms purchases given to them, per State Law, after waiting the legally determined 7 days for the State Police to do a criminal background check. It is being alleged that 200 of the 50,000 persons turned out to be disqualified from being able to purchase a firearm in Maryland. It now turns out that 1 firearm, out of the 50,000 was eventually used in a crime.

When the reporter began asking about the 200 persons who were not supposed to have firearms having them I explained how this is the fault of the Maryland State Police because they were failing to comply with State Law by not completing the required background checks within the legally allowed 7 days. I explained to the reporter why a 7 day period could be argued to be a reasonable amount of time to infringe upon the citizens ability to exercise that right while a background check was being performed. I explained to the reporter the difference between Maryland a P.O.C., Point of Contact State, where the citizen is required to go through the State Police to have background checks completed in about 120 plus days currently, and a P.O.P., Point of Purchase State such as Pennsylvania where the merchant can run the background check through the same system used by the State Police, but it is completed in approximately, 7 seconds.



Anonymous said...

Other states its done via phone call and completed in a matter of minutes.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see Stossel trying to get a gun in NY,clearly a violation of citizens constitutional rights but liberals control the state so no lawsuit would ever be filed.

Anonymous said...

Stupid laws created by stupid liberals.

Anonymous said...

Nationally, nearly ALL of the mass shooting perpetrators are DEMOCRAT SOCIALISTS or LIBERALS.
So what conclusion does that lead one to?
Let democrats give up their guns and prohibit them from owning weapons.
The result will be a nearly 100% drop in gun crime.

Anonymous said...

This is why Gander Mtn. Is closing it's store in Salisbury!