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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Man Sued Over Pic Of Topless Woman At Empire State Building Redefines “Tourist Attraction”

Oh, the sights you can see from atop one of New York City’s Empire State Building! Over there is the Statue of Liberty! And look, yonder! It’s a young hipster just rolling out of bed at noon on a Thursday! But one sight the landmark building’s management didn’t want visitors to see on the Observation Deck was a topless model taking it off for a photographer’s camera.

The management of the Empire State Building is now suing a photographer for (cue Dr. Evil voice) $1 million after he snapped pics of a topless model on the 86th floor observatory, reports Reuters.



Anonymous said...

But going topless is legal in New York State, so where's the problem?.

JoeAlbero said...

There's a difference between New York City and New York State.

Anonymous said...

She didn't have large, uh, sodas, did she?

Anonymous said...

They weren't stopped in progress cuz the cops wanted to see too!