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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Duck Dynasty Overnight Ratings – Marathon loses 6.4M viewers since last week!!

The overnight ratings are in for Duck Dynasty. One week ago, DD topped all of cable’s ratings with 8.885 million viewers. Last night, they free fell down the list to 2.521 million viewers.

That is a drop of 6.364 million viewers, or 71.6%.

Congratulations to everyone for restraint!


Tired of the Bull from the Left God Haters said...

Stay together you all...this is good news...let's hit them in their Secular-Liberal-Atheist Pocket Books...

Anonymous said...

woooohooooo!!! keep it up.

Anonymous said...

4:00 HEY.... I like it .... Talk about your great acronyms!!!



They just got SLAPPED!!

You should be in advertising!!

Joe... we gotta get this one off the ground.

S.L.A.P. all the way to the bank

Anonymous said...

All the episodes now are re-runs, so that might make a difference, too. The original shows from this season have already been shown.

Anonymous said...

So the queers are calling the shots?


Anonymous said...

525, stop trying to suckup and kissyface. 71% drop without an event? Have you ever experienced reality? People are PO'd here, and rightly so! Look back at last year this time at the "drop" in ratings and get back to me.

A business can't offend 71+% of their customers and not have this happen.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm confused is this good for DD or bad for A&E. What I would like to know is the ratings for A&E.

Anonymous said...

Map, you have not been paying attention, read the blogs, as the MSM is as clueless as you are.

Sorry about your lack of ability to read, map.

Anonymous said...

The funny part is that A&E could care less if a bunch of homosexuals have gotten their feeling hurt. They are planning 4 more marathons (repeats ALL with Phil in them) during the holidays. If they really cared about the gay community they would have cancelled any and all DD programming scheduled.
This should show these homosexuals that they aren't important especially when it comes to the dollar.

Anonymous said...

8:46 I have read it all and I even love the show. What you have missed is that I meant does the drop in viewers reflect on A&E or what Mr. Robinson said. So no I am not clueless. Are you now paying attention. I have gone to their site and told them that I support them have you? My ability to read is far beyond your ability to understand a question. map

Anonymous said...

Plus 8:46 I have stopped watching that channel have you? Got anything to come back at me with?

Anonymous said...

Fire all gov workers, and replace them with anyone willing to work for $50k a year and work six months. All jobs filled within a day

Anonymous said...

map-the drop in viewers is horrible for A&E. Because of DD they have been able to sell advertising at premium prices-estimation 9-11 million viewers of DD per episode. If viewers continue to boycott and not tune into DD, advertisers will demand lower prices to advertise next season or will pull out. Rates are determined by viewers and because A&E caused the drop in viewers the advertisers can and will get either refunds or lower prices. Bottom line A&E has caused themselves a big mess.

Anonymous said...

This is apples vs oranges. A new episode vs reruns.

Downgrade or cancel making it clear this is the reason. A&E will be forced quickly like Cracker Barrel to rethink their stupidity.

Not watching will not really do the trick. The Gays will try to claim they are not watching and take the credit.