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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rally at World War II Memorial Heads to White House

News cameras located on the White House lawn are showing a large gathering of people outside the gates and fence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

It is believed these are protesters who started at the World War II Memorial early Saturday and moved from that location to the White House. According to NBC News, the president is in the White House.

Video shows people carrying barricades, presumably from the WW II Memorial, to the White House fence.


mack said...

YES Folks it is time to march on the "WHITE" House and take it back before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

I imagine the Resident is in a bunker underground with a copy of the communist manifesto and Alinsky's rules for radicals staring blankly at the wall, rocking in place quickly, hysterically repeating out loud fundamental transformation, fundamental transformation, fundamental transformation at a feverish pace.
It's what megalomaniacs do when they are losing it.

Anonymous said...

The "president" who isn't really a president has been flown out of the area in Marine helicopter.

Several women were hit with nightsticks by police. I'm not sure which police yet, DC or the park police.

One vet was thrown into a SWAT van.

It seems they have learned nothing in the past month.

And now they want to be aggressive.

I hope this event is extended past this weekend and does not end until, obammy is removed from office, ACA is repealed/defunded, government 100% up and running,several agencies, including the park police are disbanded and/or their powers and authority rescinded or restricted.

At this stage it no longer matters who started what, who is to blame, who is right or who is wrong.

They ALL have their own share of each. We know the problems, now let's fix them.

We the people have started something, let us finish it. And when we have this admin straightened out, let us visit upon the police and other agencies who committed illegal and violent acts and hold each one accountable.

Just following orders, or saying I'm only doing my job is NOT an acceptable defense.

It did not work at Nuremberg, and it will not work in the USA.

They will be punished with the same law they continue to violate.

The people have awaken and they are mad as hell, and there will be hell to pay.