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Wednesday, August 08, 2012


ANNAPOLIS, MD (August 7, 2012) – Governor Martin O’Malley today submitted legislation authorizing expansion of gaming in Maryland. The legislation has the potential to create thousands of new jobs and secure millions of dollars in new revenue for Maryland’s public schools.

“By finally resolving this issue of gaming in Maryland, we have an opportunity to generate more than $100 million for our #1 ranked public schools, create 2,200 additional, permanent jobs, and keep Maryland’s facilities competitive with surrounding states.”

“The legislation we are sending to the members of the General Assembly will create predictability in the marketplace, protect local and city aid being generated at existing sites, ensure authorized facilities are able to be built, and allow the people of Prince George’s County the opportunity to decide whether they want a sixth site for the benefit of their county and revenue base.”


Anonymous said...

Flushing my toilet has the potential of creating a MILLION new jobs. So what? O'Malley has't said how another casino will create a thousand jobs so I'm not saying either.

Anonymous said...

What's amazing is the number of dopes that fall for omally's BS and lies, 4:58.

Anonymous said...

When the republican governor wanted gaming, on my gosh what an uproar legislators put up; now with O'taxie in office, it's all ok to have as many and as much gaming as you can stand. What a crock!