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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

USPS Offers $15,000.00 Early Out

The Postal Service is offering an early retirement and buy-out deal to the tune of $15,000. It announced the deal on Friday after in-depth discussions with the National Postal Mail Handlers Union. Employees who take the deal would receive half the money this December, and the other in December 2013. Sign-up closes on July 2. USPS hopes to shed 45,000 employees in this round of buyouts. It will also offer buyouts to all of its 21,000 postmasters and planned to close 230 processing plants.


Anonymous said...

they should close the whole system , they are pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Sure, reducing head count saves money but, is it a PLAN? Having all those people isn't the reason they are losing money.

Anonymous said...

the reason they lose money is because the federal government doesn't give them any money. They operate solely on income from postage sales.