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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gay-Marriage Foes to Submit Signatures

Organizers of a petition against Maryland’s same-sex-marriage law are expected to submit their first batch of signatures to the state Board of Elections on Tuesday.

The Maryland Marriage Alliance, which is leading an effort to force a November referendum on the law, has until June 30 to submit 55,736 valid voter signatures to the state in order to have the law decided by a public vote on Election Day. At least one-third of those signatures - 18,579 - must be turned in by Thursday.

Many gay-marriage supporters and opponents say the law is likely to go to referendum. The legislation passed the General Assembly in February but is not scheduled to go into effect until January.



Anonymous said...

When do they publish the signatures? I want to know who not to do business with.

Anonymous said...

Yeah when do they, I want to know who to do business with, cause the guy above is obviously thinking he has the upper hand...

Anonymous said...

why shouldn't the gays be miserable like the rest of us married folk.

Anonymous said...

You asked the same question the last time this subject was posted. How about you search the internet and find the information rather than expecting someone else to do it for you.