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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


On May 25, 2012, at approximately 7:30 P.M., the Ocean City Police Narcotics Unit, Patrol Officers, Worcester County Sheriff’s Criminal Enforcement Team and Investigators from the Worcester County State’s Attorney’s Office served a search and seizure warrant at two boardwalk businesses: “Cool Topics” (107 Atlantic Avenue Units 3 and 4) and “New York, New York” (101 Atlantic Avenue) as it related to them selling synthetic drugs, synthetic drug paraphernalia and drug paraphernalia in violation of the Maryland State Law and local Ocean City ordinances.

During the investigation OCPD Narcotics Detectives made undercover purchases from the above stores. Employees that sold illegal products to the undercover officers told the detectives that the products would get them high, instructed them on how to get high, what devices to use to smoke the synthetic drugs and marijuana, and how long the high would last. Police seized a large amount of suspected synthetic marijuana and packaging materials. Investigators also seized over 500 bags of packaged suspected synthetic marijuana and several hundred other pieces of suspected drug paraphernalia and a computer.

During the service of the Search Warrants the following persons were arrested:

David Shalom Lougasi, 52, of Berlin, Maryland
Nitzahn Lougasi, 27, of Ocean City, Maryland
Teodras Masresha Kassa, 22 of Ocean City, Maryland
Haileleul Mulugeta, 21, of Silver Spring, Maryland

All four were charged with distribution of drug paraphernalia under theMarylandstate law and violations of theOceanCityordinance banning the sale and distribution of a Cannabimimetic agent, distribution of a hallucinogenic agent, failing to attach a list of ingredients to a synthetic drug and distribution of any substance intended to have physical / psychological effects.

At the time of this release, David Shalom Lougasi, Nitzahn Lougasi, and Teodras Masresha Kassa were all seen by an Ocean City District Court Commissioner and released on their own recognizance. Haileleul Mulugeta is being held at the OCPD pending an appearance before an Ocean City District Court Commissioner.

This investigation is a continuing effort to keep illegal and dangerous substance out of OceanCity. The department will continue to perform compliance checks and enforcement throughout the summer.


Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me what a synthetic drug is?

Anonymous said...

@ 1:35

It goes by different names: K2, Spice,etc Its effects are similar to cannabis.

No more dangerous then the drugs big pharma expects us to be the guinea pigs for.

Anonymous said...

its basically for the people who want to smoke MaryJ but cant because they get piss tested.
its much more addictive than marijuana. very very unsafe

Anonymous said...

It seems that some of those foreiners push the law any way they can in OC whether it be drugs,counterfeit stuff,etc.

Anonymous said...

All foreigners, eh?

Anonymous said...

This stuff might make some exhibit psychotic behaviors and causes irreverable tramma to the brain. Why is there not a protest to protect our young ignorant children on the dangers of permant brain damage from these designer drug? There is a lot of concern, time and energy to pass bills to accomidate the demand for gay rights yet we dont give a crap about the garbage that is out there being offered to young people.

Anonymous said...

No worries, the business owners will soon qualify for disability if Obama gets his way.