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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wicomico Board Of Education Recognizes Outstanding Students, Teachers, Schools And Community Supporters At Jan. 17 Awards & Recognitions Night

The Wicomico County Board of Education at its Jan. 17 Awards & Recognitions Night at Mardela Middle and High School recognized numerous outstanding students, teachers, schools and community supporters as listed below.

Recognition for Citizenship in Action

On the afternoon of November 3rd, a motorcycle accident blocked the road home for Westside Intermediate and Westside Primary students on Bus 73. The victim was in full view of as aid was being given. Many students were quite upset, especially the younger primary students. Some began to cry.

Since the bus was going to be detained for quite a while, the bus driver began to make calls to parents. Realizing the severity of the situation, three Westside Intermediate fifth-graders, without being asked, took it upon themselves to help. Two students currently serving as safety patrols put on their safety patrol belts for identification and, along with another responsible 5th grader, walked up and down the aisle of the bus to comfort the primary students and reassure everyone. They kept the bus as orderly as possible while the driver made calls.

A number of students and the bus driver expressed their appreciation for the service given by the three fifth-graders. They kept their heads in a stressful situation and showed not only responsibility, but a high level of concern for other students. The Board of Education is very proud to present a certificate of recognition for Citizenship in Action to these Westside Intermediate fifth-graders for their service to their fellow students, bus driver and school on Nov. 3rd:

Brock Brown
Christine Cooper
Colin Whitaker


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