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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Beaches See Many Visitors, But Their Wallets Were Closed

As summer 2011 drew to its symbolic close Monday, businesses at Delaware's beaches took stock of their prime season and concluded it was a mixed bag.

While tourist traffic appeared healthy, some said visitors still are holding back on their vacation spending in light of persistently tough economic times.


Anonymous said...

I hope Fartin O'Faily reads this... People won't spend when the economy is down and they CAN'T AFFORD things...

This is the exact proof that O'faily said wouldn't happen, or couldn't happen yet it has happened...

So yeah go ahead and raise your tolls, and fees and taxes and watch how much more little we spend, even tho Maryland had A ONE BILLION DOLLAR SURPLUS at the end of fiscal 2011, and when your economy doesn't come back like your dumb ass thinks, then what will you do? Raise more taxes and say we nee to share the problem like President Obomba bin laden said?

mack said...

GOODBYE Ocean City...we got fed up with giving our hard earned DOLLARS to foreign owned so-called store front rip-offs & Foreign owned hotels with bed bugs...
HELL for same amount u pay to go to O.C. you can go on a cruise and or all-inclusive vacation and have a better time and swim in cleaner waters..SO BYE BYE O.C. your time is up ..unless we see cleaner rooms / more affordable rooms and less foreign owned companies there.

Anonymous said...

With Obama Gas + the price he has all gas stations charging us; in order to build Muslim Mosques overseas + in New York...what do you figure?

Anonymous said...

oc used to be a nice place. seen the crowds the last 5 to 7 years? you really want to deal with the illegals, along with the white trash and ghetto wannabes that show up there now?
OC businesses have become such a rip off, those with a brain know they can find much nicer places to spend their hard earned cash.

Anonymous said...

Tourist area businesses and farmers are just alike.
They're never satisfied!

Anonymous said...

Well good for you guys. Send O.C. a message loud and clear. And next year, go somewhere else for your vacation.

Hurt them where it counts, in their wallet.

Yes sir, they need to be taken down a notch or two. You come here to spend your hard earned money and expect better than you have been getting.

Go somewhere where they appreciate your business, your money.

Might I suggest New Jersey. The mountains of Pa. Even the accident prone capital area. Wonderful museums there.

Anywhere but here. Teach those of us on the shore there is more than one place to vacation.