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Friday, August 26, 2011

Illegal Yellow Vehicle?

I spotted this yellow vehicle traveling down business 13 in Fruitland this afternoon.  There were no tags on it.
I called #77 to ask the MSP if the vehicle was street legal, they asked me if it was in the travel lanes, or on the shoulder?  I told them it was in the travel lane, and then pulled off to the left-turn lane so I could snap this photo.  You can plainly see it was NOT on the shoulder.
Is the same one you were telling about earlier this month?
-Concerned reader
Dear Concerned Reader,
We have been informed by several of the local law enforcement agencies that these vehicles are in fact illegal to drive on the road. The only exceptions are if they are tagged and IF you are licensed to drive, all of which Mr. Robinson and his Son did not abide by.
To answer your question, no, this is not the same vehicle but is identical style wise.


Anonymous said...

Florida is crawling with the scooter trikes, most are cheap Chinese garbage not to be confused with the higher end three wheel designs from Vespa. The Chinese trikes get near universal bad reviews for comfort as well as every quality standard. They are however, street legal to tag and title and you can even get insurance for them.- David Hearne

Anonymous said...

Well you would need insurance to tag them duh.

dogg said...

unfortunately, I believe they are legal. Their engine is supposed to be under 50cc, which would make them qualify as a moped or scooter. As such, they do not need a license plate. Ocean City is having issues because they now believe that the engine size label is incorrect and their engines are 150cc, making them a motorcycle. Who do you believe?? Time will tell. To me, they are a death trap adn very hard to see. They need to go!!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that they would make it completely thru Fruitland without going thru at least two FPD speed traps. If they are illegal you can bet the FPD will bring em down........LOL

Anonymous said...

dogg you are right they are a death trap unfortunately Maryland will wait until a few people are killed then some laws might change , but certain death will have to occur first.