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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

16,000 Cops On London's Streets As Rioting Worsens; Violence Spreads To Other Cities

'Ordinary people have had their lives turned upside down by this mindless thuggery'; PM promises 'even more robust police action'

A wave of violence and looting raged across London and spread to three other major British cities on Tuesday, as authorities struggled to contain the country's worst unrest since race riots set the capital ablaze in the 1980s.

In London, groups of young people rampaged for a third straight night, setting buildings, vehicles and garbage dumps alight, looting stores and pelting police officers with bottles and fireworks. The spreading disorder was an unwelcome warning of the possibility of violence for leaders organizing the 2012 Summer Olympics in less than a year.



Anonymous said...

Soon to come to the USA thanks to Obama's failed policies...

Anonymous said...

They keep calling them rioters but can someone tell me why they are rioting? It sounds more like a bunch of thugs that just want to cause trouble.

Anonymous said...

First thought to be unruley youths - one young rioter was quoted as saying he was re-distributing the wealth after the UK make deep cuts to socail programs. There are no jobs and the young people are speaking through violence. Such activities could soon be coming to a neighborhood near you!

Anonymous said...

British Citizens are much more informed about their criminal government than are American Citizens.

One of the Brits primary issue is the collusion with the U.S. in the illegal wars.

Anonymous said...

"Such activities could soon be coming to a neighborhood near you!"

They already did. It was called the Riots of 1968 and it's not history that's taught in school. Blamed on the assassination of King, it was simply a case of lawless thugs destroying everything they came across including property belonging to their own neighbors as well as local merchants that provided them with basic staples such as food. There was soon no place to buy (or steal) food and hunger eventually stopped the unrest.

Anonymous said...

Citizens and shop owners, about 150 of them, stood outside and defended their business from being looted again.

The 50-60 youths were pushed back 3 times then went away. They never expected people to defend themselves.

After holding a moment of silence, the citizens helped with the cleanup.

Jaycee said...

I read about the so called "flash mob" that people are using as a form of violence like in Philly is that what's going on?

Anonymous said...

At least one person has died as a result of this mob. I'm not sure if it's the same as Philly but both need to be dealt with harshly and quickly.

They gave up their civil rights when they began behaving this way, so don't be concerned with violating rights that don't exist.