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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Congressional Candidate Andy Harris Wow's Large AFP Crowd

More than 100 AFP Members and citizens came together at Brew River last night to hear what Congressional Candidate Andy Harris had to say. Andy gave a fantastic speech and opened the floor to questions. One young man stood up and shared his concerns about his generation failing to believe the United States was as great a Country as other generations believe it is. Andy thanked the young man and stated, America is still the greatest Country in the world. Why else would 250 million illegals be coming here if their Country was so great.

Another individual asked, if you're elected to Congress, I believe our government is too big. If you agree, what departments would you eliminate. Andy, (without hesitation) said, the Department of Education. How can the Feds know what your children here in Wicomico County want and need. They probably don't even know where Wicomico County is. They'd say, well, you drive to Ocean City and take that bypass, yeah, that's Wicomico County.

There were some 100+ people in the crowd and for what it's worth, none of them walked away disappointed. Great work AFP. You brought in a great crowd, great questions and as always Andy was direct and straight forward answering every one's questions. I'm glad I found the time to make it to this meeting after all.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Joe!

Anonymous said...

I bet your feet hurt in killer shoes like that.

CityGirl said...

I realize this is an old post, but just came across it. I'll tell you there were 2 extremely disappointed people in that crowd. Andy mentioned 3-4 times how those poor people who don't pay taxes were out there working hard to get Democrats elected. He talked about how such people had to be fought against. Let me tell you, I grew up in a working class family. My dad works hard and my mom stays home to educate her children. The income taxes that my parents DO pay are returned to them each year. They have never drawn on social programs, but still do not pay taxes. Words cannot describe how angry my mother and I were. He certainly "wow'd" us....but NOT in a good way.