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Monday, September 14, 2009



But where do you call when you have a technical problem with your computer?

Japan or India?


Anonymous said...

I call locally and talk to an American because I have Comcast. Got rid of Verizon for just that reason. God help you if you have a problem cause if you even can reach anyone it will be a foreign speaking person who know less about your problem than you do. Go to Comcast it is well worth it.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that the Japanese school bus has the access panel open.
Must have had a system crash and requires a reboot.

Anonymous said...

Can we get you to post one of those watermelon buses we use for harvest around here? Now, THAT would be funny!

Anonymous said...

Joe, I posted a few times correcting this story, but you refuse to let my post in. my posts were very appropriate and just stated the facts that this is not a Japanese school bus, but a bus owned by the China IT dept, partially sponsored by Microsoft. It is used to bring internet access to rural areas in China.

Why wont you post this?

Anonymous said...

I guess he didn't post your downer comment because it was a joke!! (Get it?..Who do you talk to with your IT problems...)But, for the sake of education all around, many people WILL go on to believe that the written Chinese is actually Japanese and that school kids look like adults dressed in suit jackets(as opposed to the usual uniforms.).It's a clever joke, but some of us won't actually get it.OH well! It was still at least halfway funny.:-)