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Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Gangs In Salisbury


Not sure if you are interested but I thought you might. When I am not going to school I work for a local engineering firm that is doing some contract for the
City of Salisbury. Today I was doing a site visit for a new pump station for the
sewer lines on Marvel Road when I saw the gang signs that I took pictures of and
attached to this email. The location of this "Gang Tag" is at the end of Marvel
Road is the same place where that dead woman was found a few months back. More
proof of Salisbury "non-existing" gang problem I don't know if you know anything
about MS-13 but they are an extremely ruthless street gang. When I was stationed
in Arizona in the US Army we had problems with these guys all the time. It is a
very scary thought if these guys have a influence on Salisbury Streets. If you
post anything about this please don't mention that I was working down in that
area I would not want my company to lose work for making any kind of waves. I
included a little history from Wikipedia. Keep up the good work and have a great

The Mara Salvatrucha gang originated in Los Angeles, set up in 1980s by
Salvadoran immigrants in the city's Pico-Union neighborhood.[4] There is some
dispute about the etymology of the name (see below: Etymology). The most common
belief is that Mara refers to the Spanish word for gang; it is suggested that
Salvatrucha refers to the Salvadoran guerrillas, the source of much of the
gang's early manpower.

Originally, the gang's main purpose was to protect Salvadoran immigrants from
other, more established gangs of Los Angeles, who were predominately comprised
of Mexicans and African-Americans.[5] For this reason, the gang initially
allowed only Salvadorans to join, but later allowed other Central Americans to
join as well.

Many Mara Salvatrucha gang members from the Los Angeles area have been deported
either because of their illegal status in the United States, or for committing
crimes as non-citizens, or both.[6] As a result of these deportations, members
of MS-13 have recruited more members in their home countries. The Los Angeles
Times contends that deportation policies have contributed to the size and
influence of the gang both in the United States and in Central America.[6]
Salvadoran authorities report that approximately 60% of prison inmates serving
prison terms for gang-related crimes there have either fled prosecution or have
been deported from the United States.[6]


Anonymous said...

if the general public new what gang signs to look for they would never go to the mall on a friday or saturday night. We went one friday night and had a kid about 13 or 14yo bump into me and said "bitch I will bust a cap in your ass". I then pulled back the shirt I was wearing over my t shirt to reveal the holster and .38 I was wearing, and said..ok..go ahead..this kid lost his tough guy act and said Is that real?? I almost laughed..I said think about that next time you feel like threatening someone you punk as bitch. He was a "blood" wanna be..or as the kids say..he was a poser

Anonymous said...

what you took a picture of was not a gang sign. relax. there is no ms-13 in salisbury. if there was, you would know it. there is a new gang called--spg--south park gang--thier tags are at parkside apts, twilley ctr & many others. gangs are what you make them, not what they make themselves. please dont be scared of teenage, uneducated, minority gangs....let them know whose town it is. if they scare you, scare them back!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:31 I agree the local gangs are mainly maid up of teenage thugs. I have posted this before but most of the gangs are in the school system of which the two I know about are in Wicomico Middle School. KNA, Knock Out Artists, a minority group and The Green Mob, a white based gang lead by a child not being left behind. that why the Middle schools are the most dangerous.

Anonymous said...

did you also send this information to the Police?

Anonymous said...

I wish Dan Dougherty would chime in here. He is an expert on gangs having dealt with MS-13 and other gangs nationwide.

How bout it Dan?

BossHogg said...

Anon 9:20

That was about the dumbest thing anyone who is packing could possibly do, unless you are a cop or ex-special forces who has killed before.

I was taught that you never show your weapon unless you are ready to use it with lethal force.

Punk ass kids like the one who made that remark don't even deserve recognition of their punk ass statement, that really pisses em off even more.


I grew up in Southern California where gang culture is simply a part of everyday life.

They are to be shown a little respect on the streets they "own" otherwise you won't make it out unscathed.

If you "Live in the legitamite world" then you probably will not notice them unless they move into your neighborhood.

They are here or they do business here and MS 13 is one of the top 5 most powerful gangs in the world. They do not scare easily nor do they back down when challenged.

Now the 'Wannabes' with their candy ass clubs are a different story altogether.

TheGrinch said...

We also do not know if this is just kids wanting to be hardcore. They can pull up the gang signs online.

Anonymous said...

Boss hogg it was not dumb I was prepared to use it if I had to. I have used my weapon in the line of duty and have many hrs of training on weapon safety. I was getting a message across to this punk that the next person he threatens might not be trained or show restraint..they might just shoot his dumb ass. I have a concealed weapon permit, The weapon never left my holster and I had my arm securely against it pinning it to my side. I am not some untrained person who just took an hour or two of training and bought a gun. I have been through judgemental courses (shoot don't shoot) weapon retention, firearm safety etc.

Anonymous said...

Funny, the complaint is that BPT won't acknowledge crime and gangs in the city. Now I read the comments to this post and most are denial of the fact there there are gangs, defending them as wannabe's ormisunderstood youth. There are gangs on the Eastern Shore and some of them ARE nationally affiliated to some extent. They are in Salisbury, and Crisfield, and if not already, soon to come to a town near you. Agreed, some are imitating, but that makes them no less dangerous. Be like the OP, keep your eyes open, report the activity to the police, and stop believing that it hasn't come to Salisbury.

Anonymous said...

the may not be a "MS 13" sigh, but they are around here, just ask DHS about the one that were busted in Ocean City the last few years, they are the ones at the inlet that did holes to use as a toilet.

Anonymous said...

the only reason gangs have power is because we give it to them people let little thugs scare them and run them out of areas they think they own. you know im not superman or anything special but im not about to be bullied around or threatened by a bunch of punks especially when i serve this country that gave them their freedom. they may kick my butt ,but i will not go down without a fight if everyone had that same attitude i dont think gangs would hang around too long

Anonymous said...

That particular gang sign has been there quite some time, even before the murder if memory serves me right

Anonymous said...

Is that Gizmo? Not very intimidating to me...

Anonymous said...

9:31 am,
If you truly believe that there are no MS-13 gang members in Salisbury, Maryland; then you are a FOOL. Take a tour through WCDC. They are at the Detention Center. For every MS-13 gang member that is locked up at that jail, their mom, dad, grandmom and grandpa visit them. But, it is the brothers, cousins and uncles who visit them too; who are members of the MS-13 gang. Keep safe Salisbury.

skinweb3r said...

you will know that gangs are around when the ER is packed. there are no real gangs in sby. you country folk do not know real crime.

Lance said...

This is MS-13 graffiti; I saw almost the same tag in Sierra Vista, AZ. It's the hand sign of the "devil" not Gizmo. This gang was very active in that area and would even cross from Mexico to the US and through Fort Huachuca.

Too all the people saying that they would not be bullied by punks and this is nothing but a bunch of wannabes I wouldn't be so sure. A few months ago the Salisbury PD made a traffic stop in which the officers found weapons in car trunk, to included a MAC 10. The occupants were confirmed to be MS-13. No one on here can say that that a bunch of wannabes would be carrying that kind of weapon.

Lets say for argument sake that some punks in a fake gang were carrying this kind of gun it still is a serious problem....

Like it or not there is Dead Man Incorporated activity in Salisbury and the Lower Shore...Not wannabes and they will hurt you.

Virginia's Eastern Shore is loaded with MS13 and CRIPs so why wouldn't they be in the "burry" also?

Sorry folks but we do have a gang problem in Salisbury.

Anonymous said...

Gangs are very really and exist in Salisbury. A lot of these kids have nothing to lose and this is the only thing they identify with. Wake up and take your head out of the sand before it is too late.

Shannon said...

MS 13 is all over the US. One of the larger affiliate groups is in VA and on the eastern coast INCLUDING Maryland. They have been expanding in exponentially since 1998. The gang has a NO tolerance policy which means they will kill you just as quickly as they will look at you. The bloods and the Crypts also have gang ties to the eastern shore but these are smaller oganizations who are less influential at this time because the main sanctions do not see a reason to invest on the shore, again at this time. However, the purpose of the ganging is to gain land they consider their property so if one gang sees MS13 gaining turf here than it will cause otehr rival gangs to stake claim. The thing is once one is here they will soon all be here and fighting for the power, whether or not your houses are on it doesn't matter to them. They will move in your neighborhood and take control little by little.
It is obvious many people around here do not understand the mentality of a gang and know even less about the operation of the gangs, but all of you need to know turning your heads and looking the other way will solve nothing. You cannot pretend it isn't here now because if you do that is only alowing them to gain ground and become stronger. I don't know about any of you but I know I prefer to admit there is a problem now and nip it in the butt rather than waiting until we are over run and stuck in the cross fire. Take my word for it, I know all too well about these people and their mentality, let's just say I have brushed shoulders with many of the same type.

Debera said...

Having lived in the heart of MS13, Blood's and Crips in Los Angeles as a young adult. Then living in the Washington DC Metro area for over twenty years. And dealing with two son's in the school system in the Metro area. We moved to Salisbury due to the high gang involvement at the high schools. The first year here I did notice some taging but limited. Over the past four years it has increased 100%. MS13 in Salisbury? You better wake up and smell the coffee my friend. The wanna be's are to be taken serious. You see the head of all these gang's are looking for these wanna be's to get their gang stronger in this area. Don't mess around with these thug's. Let those who are trained in dealing with gang's handle them. The MS13 are the most dangerous. They do not have any respect for anyone but themselves and they are relentless. Case point the young hispanic women who belonged to MS13went became and informent to the police on a case involving the MS13Gang. After MS13 found out she was found dead if I remember correctly she was also decapated and sent to her family. DON'T MESS WITH MS13! Our son went to a place over by Salisbury Airport they like going over their with their trucks after a good rain and go what they call mudding. There is a beautiful bridge over there with tree's and creek etc. etc. he was so taken by this when he first saw it he took a photo of it and showed it to me. He went down there with his buddies the other day and was surprised (because how out of the way it was) to see that it had been tagged. Is there a phone number in the city to call so they can paint over the tag?

But, I can't stress the importance of reporting any tagging to our authorities. And please do take these wanna be's serious that is a recruit and they probable are the most dangerous because they have alot to prove to whatever gang they are trying to join. And these young people need to know once in a gang your in it for life so be very careful what you wish for.

Anonymous said...

As someone who has worked with with local police, I can tell you they ARE in Salisbury, and they ARE in Delmar!

Anonymous said...

Officer King of SPD was recently recognized by the State for his work with local gang activity. It is on the forefront now and there it will remain. Congrats King, thank you.

Anonymous said...

gang members are just a bunch of bullies that couldn't bully on their own.Weak minded sissy boyz that are very lucky they never came accross me...yet."Shoot, I aint got baby hands". This was a red nack saying that I was raised with. These gangs are just people who are externalizing a basic thread that every person has with in . I have spent the night in quite a few overnight jail cells all across the country and have walked through several gang tagged territorys with out any trouble.Once in Denver , I was walking and there were about 7 or 8 guys and 2 girlz sitting in front of a row house. I approached them and began a conversation and before I knew it , I was sharing a 40 oz with them. After with them for a hour or so I yold them I was getting late and had to leave.Of corse while talking with them ,they flexed a bit and I flexed a bit back and we came to a mutual respect of one another.Any way when I was leaving the only thing they did was to tell me which way I should go to get where I was going so as to not have any trouble from rival gangs. They are just people too. The only difference between gang members and non-gang members is they will do what many only think of doing. Be secure in who you are and there will be no trouble.But what I learned from my interaction with these kinds of people is that a person should only do what they are willing to fight to do. Have conviction with who you are and be willing to fight for your self, even if it means your alone by your self.Have respect for your self and others will too. Don,t fear them. If a gang wants what you have a person MUST stand for what they are and remember ...a quick finger to the eye will stop any one. I'm not saying go on down to church street and get drunk. But we can't live in fear,cause this aint living at all.