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Thursday, January 31, 2019

MUST SEE: Footage of Shirtless Bernie Sanders in the USSR Drunkenly Singing with Communists in 1988 Surfaces

Footage of a shirtless, drunk Bernie Sanders in the USSR on his ‘honeymoon’ singing with presumed Soviets in 1988 surfaced and was posted to Twitter on Monday.

The video of Bernie was posted to Twitter by Travis Justin, a Navy veteran and leader of “Draft Beto 2020.”

TRAVIS JUSTIN-> NEW: Recently discovered footage from 1988 reveals a shirtless Bernie Sanders with his wife, Jane, on their honeymoon in the USSR, drunkenly signing “This Land Is Your Land” with a group of presumed Soviets.



Anonymous said...

Draft "Beto" may they eat each other alive, this election should be a hoot

Anonymous said...

Well well well

Anonymous said...

Ohh yeah