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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Kamala Harris Endorsed The ‘Green New Deal,’ But How Will She Pay For It?

California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris endorsed a “Green New Deal” that’s gained popularity among Democratic presidential hopefuls, but she didn’t go into how she would pay for it.

“I support a ‘Green New Deal,’ and I will tell you why,” Harris, who is running for president in 2020, said on CNN Tuesday night. “Climate change is an existential threat to us, and we have got to deal with the reality of it.”

Harris added “the plan has to be around investing in solar, in wind” and “we need to be dedicated to that kind of work,” referring to jobs installing wind turbines and solar panels.

A big question dogging “Green New Deal” supporters is how a plan to completely transform the U.S. economy within a decade will be paid for? Harris did not offer any details.



Paladin said...

Dear Readers,

It is my opinion that we should all ask this question. Unfortunately, Harris, AOC, et al, all have the same response. Frankly, socialism and its constructs have never worked anywhere in the world, and the simple reason is that utopia does not exist.

When the revenue source disappears, as has recently occurred in Venezuela, the country collapses. The socialist left should be educated about this repeatedly and consistently.



Anonymous said...

"OPM"......other peoples money

Anonymous said...

It is not a Green "New" Deal it is an old Socialist agenda rebranded from Canada. There is nothing New about it

Anonymous said...

More taxes CA, get ready.... Oh and are you ready for the tax per mile you drive??? It is coming... Also as an FYI, they are planning on setting up a police task force sole for the purpose to go after people who don't follow the laws when it comes to energy savings and efficiency and all the green crap they push... And this is how bad it will get, this one lady who is blowing the whistle on all of this, saw all of these documents on a website for some city council in California... She had something happen to her, that will affect everyone... Someone from the govt came in and attacked some tracking device on her HVAC unit, without her knowledge, and she didn't know until the day she needed to have her HVAC unit serviced, and the tech showed her the device, and said that her warranty and protection was void becasue of the device... Yet, the govt came in and added it, with no knowledge or permission from the home owner, then it voided her protection on her system becasue of it, all so they can track your power usage and all that other crap...

Ah but what do you all care right??? it will never happen to you right???
I am just some conspiracy guy right??? You all know it all becasue you watch the lying media right???? How is all of that working out for you??? Yeah... You will see soon enough, soon enough...