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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Apple iCloud bug ‘let ANYONE read your private iPhone notes’

APPLE reportedly covered up a major privacy breach that gave hackers partial access to user iCloud accounts.

The supposed flaw was allegedly "kept secret" by Apple – and quietly fixed without alerting users to the problem.
Apple's iCloud tech – featured on iPhones – was reportedly breached

Apple ranks iCloud privacy high on its list of priorities, after a 2014 leak exposed almost 500 private photos of female celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton.

The service stores Apple customers' files on servers, which can be accessed digitally at any time – freeing up space on your device, and keeping media backed up safely.

But a new report by The Hacker News claims that Apple "suffered a privacy breach" late last year.

The breach supposedly gave attackers access to view iCloud back-ups of files in the Notes app – where people store important notes, reminders and media.



Anonymous said...

And you think this isn't on purpose lmao, silly rabbit, trix are for kids...

Anonymous said...

This is SHAMEFUL! It's no wonder I received so much unsolicited email after putting my organ measurements in my iCloud based Notes application. That's MY private information.

Chuckle, the brief fame was kinda fun though.