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Thursday, January 31, 2019

CNN’s Kaczynski Deletes Tweet About Kamala After Campaign Pushes Back

After getting pushback from Sen. Kamala Harris’s (D-CA) campaign, CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski on Tuesday evening deleted an accurate tweet about how Harris backtracked on her call to “eliminate” private health insurance and provide Medicare for all.

At Monday’s CNN’s town hall event in Iowa, CNN host Jake Tapper explicitly asked Harris if people who like their insurance will lose their private insurance under her Medicare-for-all proposal.

After getting backlash from even fellow Democrats, Harris’s camp tried to walk back her remarks on Tuesday evening.

Kaczynski, linking to his network’s scoop about Harris’s backtracking, initially tweeted: “NEW: Kamala Harris is backtracking on her calls to eliminate all private health insurance in supporting Medicare for all, with an advisor and her spokesman saying she’s open to more moderate plans preserving the private health insurance industry.”

After getting pushback from Harris’s campaign, he said he was deleting his original tweet “because multiple Harris campaign spokespeople would like it clarified."


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