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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Unredacted lawsuit reveals Purdue Pharma's tactics to make billions selling OxyContin

The secrets of the Sackler family, the pharmaceutical dynasty who own the company accused of sparking America's opioid crisis with its mass production and aggressive marketing of OxyContin, have been laid bare in court despite their efforts to keep them private.

On Monday, Suffolk County Superior Court Judge Janet Sanders rejected the family's attempts to keep the lawsuit filed against them and their company, Purdue Pharma, by the state of Massachusetts sealed, saying the details they seek to protect belong in the public domain.

The full lawsuit - which has been heavily redacted and has not been released publicly - was ordered to be released, free of redacts, by February 1.

Unredacted parts of the lawsuit have alleged that Purdue was advised by global consulting firm McKinsey & Co on strategies to boost the drug’s sales and how to 'counter the emotional messages' of mothers whose children had overdosed, according to ProPublica.

The documents alleged that the company gave millions to two executives who were convicted of fraudulently marketing OxyContin to keep them quiet.


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