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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Early Review of New Inlet Lot System Reveals Tweaks Needed

OCEAN CITY – Positive outcomes, issues and concerns relating to the Inlet parking lot’s new pay-by-plate system were presented to a resort committee this week.

On Tuesday, City Engineer Terry McGean presented the Ocean City Transportation Committee with an evaluation of the resort’s new Parkeon payment system at the Inlet.

Prior to the start of the summer season, the Inlet parking lot’s traditional gated system was replaced with a new pay-by-plate system, in which drivers entering the lot can use any one of the many kiosks to enter their license plate information and to pay for the amount of time they expect to use. The new payment system also employs license plate reader technology at the Inlet’s entrance and exit that records arrival and departure times.

As the summer season comes to a close, resort officials in Ocean City this week received a preliminary review of how the new Parkeon payment system fared throughout peak months at the Inlet parking lot.



Anonymous said...

Why not EZ-Pass? Seems simple?

Anonymous said...

I guess paying humans is outdated. Great way to outsource another job and wonder why people complain when the system screws up!!

Anonymous said...

Lots of ideas here and on FB that Rickie and his crew can forage over the winter time. The best solution is to do away with paying, but that cannot be done since OC hasn't declined a handout since the 1800's.

Not to mention as a reminder to all, a prior Transportation head who used to skim off the top of the old pay meters. Hence the removal of pay meters and onto new "exciting" automated pay/park devices. Oh, how much did the old Trans man skim you ask? If I recall correctly, $4M was the number reported. So those on FB asking for meters again - it'll be a cold day in hell before Rickie and Co go back to meters.