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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Urban Violence Begins in Broken Homes

The Chicago Tribune reported a big drop in violence in Chicago this past weekend. Forty people were shot.

This down from the weekend before, when 74 were shot.

The Tribune’s Steve Chapman rejects what he calls the “popular myth, cynically promoted by Trump and other outside critics” that Chicago is an “exceptionally dangerous city.”

Yes, 674 people were murdered last year in Chicago, more than in New York City and Los Angeles combined. But that is much better than 1991 when, says Chapman, 920 were murdered, and the 674 killed in 2017 was down 15 percent from 2016.

Whether or not we call this violence “exceptional,” it is certainly unacceptable. It should concern us all, particularly its racial characteristics.

As Chapman notes, “Chicago’s crime problem is concentrated in a small number of poor, blighted, mostly African-American neighborhoods.”



Anonymous said...

"Black leaders need to start doing their job and convey that marriage, work, education, and personal responsibility are the only things that will fix black America."

Yes, instead of just asking/begging/demanding more, more, more from the government, which only perpetuates and widens the problems. But it gets those votes for you doesn't it, votes for the plantation overseers and slave auctioneers that so many of you are.

Anonymous said...

It was a while ago, but young girls didn't have babies out of wedlock because they knew they would have a difficult time financially (and morally) to support and raise the child.
Now, girls want to have as many kids as they can because they know the government will give them money, rent, food, medical and so on to have children. These babies grow up on the street and have no self respect or respect for others. Education is the last thing on their minds. The females know that like mom, just get pregnant and get a check. Doesn't matter who fathered the child. Just sent the check each month, and the cycle continues and the working taxpayer is stuck with the bills.

Anonymous said...

Poor people are less likely to marry when the government rewards you not to get married. Section 8 and most of the other programs cause this. I have rented homes over 30 years and feel I have knowledge how this is working. Sad