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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Missing In Salisbury


My sister Janelle is currently missing in the Salisbury Md area.
She was last seen and heard from Thursday afternoon/night. She was with her boyfriend Ben Fararre at Ruby Tuesdays in Salisbury. Janelle is slightly mentally disabled. Threats have been made on both their lives and now no one can reach either of them. Please if you see either of them you can contact me at 3023984849.
Please everyone I am begging you to share.
Thank you


Anonymous said...

Should be an AMBER ALERT ! This young lady is very high risk!!!!!

JoeAlbero said...

We just learned she is located at the America's Best Value Inn in Salisbury with the man posted in the picture. I believe she is in room 115. Check out is at 11:00 AM.

Unknown said...

Why are all these people, a lot of them young girls, going missing in Salisbury, Maryland and what do the police have to say about it. Never hear anything from them it seems!

Anonymous said...

Because they arent missing. Everyone just feels like they have to be in top of everyone elses business.

And since everyone has been trained to rely in the govt they dont know what to do.

Sad but true.

If your kid or loved one goes “missing” and they come back, they werent missing. They just did not want you to where probably for a reason. And you are making your problem our problem which it probably already is.

Anonymous said...

I believe , in this day and time , you need to
report someone missing ASAP. There is to much
crime here now I wouldn't hesitate at all to
call the Police if someone in my family could
not be contacted .

Anonymous said...

Threats have been made on both their lives - Really? Way too much fake drama. If that were the case the cops would be on it.

I am so desensitised to this bs anymore I just scroll past it. This place can be so ghetto and ridiculous.

9:20 PM no they are not ALL young girls. Her age isn't even listed.

11:53 AM huh? when was the last time anyone was kidnapped here? your over drama is why no one pays attention to this crap anymore. I be calling the popo as soon as my man dont answer his phone!


Anonymous said...

The boyfriend appears to be a lot older than the girl but hey, whatever. Even if she is an adult, if she is mentally impaired ,she should be considered critical missing.

Anonymous said...

She's been seen at Applebees too so she is not "missing". Her family just doesn't want her with the old guy.