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Saturday, August 18, 2018

A Viewer Writes: Any idea if you can help?

Dear Joe,

I've been following your page for many years and understand that you bring Wicomico and Worcester County news to those of us outside of the area, but I wonder if you could do anything about this "ongoing investigation" in Somerset?

A little background - Linda Brown was the breeder who supplied Joe Biden with his German Shepherd puppy back in 2008. Her kennel had always passed Pennsylvania's inspections (the state is stringent because of their puppy mill reputation) until selling that pup to Biden. Animal rights groups decried his decision to get a dog from a breeder rather than a rescue and then set about to make Jolindy's Kennel the focus of their anger. She was not shut down in PA - she left after the harassment and resettled in Pocomoke.

I am attaching a link to WBOC's coverage - as well as one to WMDT - that is all of the coverage I can find of this event. BUT, a month later animal control is STILL holding her dogs, making pleas for donation of dry food, etc., We all know that a shelter does not compare to a decent kennel for the good of the dogs. They state she did not have a current kennel license, but, again searching online, the licensing period starts July 1 and this occurred around the 18th of July, so less than 3 weeks overdue. There have been no charges filed against her to date and WBOC was denied viewing any of the dogs.

I do not know Linda Brown. I have 2 German Shepherd dogs and know she has a reputation for good dogs. The county has taken her business assets based on an anonymous complaint and continue to hold them. This is so wrong. I live in Cecil and cannot figure a way to help but I remember your stellar work in exposing the mess at Wicomico's shelter years ago and know that you are an animal lover and a champion of the underdog. I'm hoping that you can think of a way to help.


Anonymous said...

Fact is, the breeder was in the wrong, because she was operating without a license.

Anonymous said...

I don't know the specifics of this case or the true nature of the complaint. However, three weeks overdue on a license is operating without a license. My husband's a truck driver. If he doesn't get his license renewed and is caught driving CDL 3 weeks after it expired, he's operating a commercial vehicle illegally. If you're going to operate a business, you need to know the laws of operating a business. Without the correct license, in the eyes of the law she's no better than some backyard breeder/hoarder.

Anonymous said...

Did she have a license the prior year. Just because she was caught 18 days after a renewal date don't make her 18 days late. Just wondering

SomersetLady said...

An article I found here ( ) plainly states that she WAS shut down in PA by authorities:
"The state Department of Agriculture revoked the kennel license belonging to Linda Brown, who operates Jolindy's Shepherds in Spring City, for repeated violations to the state dog law governing care of dogs in licensed kennels." It states kennels were filthy and food & water was contaminated! Not good for any animal!