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Saturday, February 03, 2018

Report: The FBI is "Threatening" Trump Over the FISA Memo

“They’re terrified, they’re frantic”

The FBI is “threatening” Donald Trump over the imminent release of the FISA memo, according to Judicial Watch director of investigations Chris Farrell.

The FBI is desperately trying to prevent the release of the FISA memo, which reportedly contains evidence that the Obama administration spied on members of the Trump campaign.

The agency issued a rare statement yesterday declaring it had “grave concerns” about the accuracy of the classified document, which is set to be released today.

Appearing on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs, Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell said, “The FBI is threatening the president of the United States.”



Steve said...

Well, gosh darn, they were right! Now that the beans are spilled, it's time to bring charges against Obama, Hillary, the heads of the DNC, FBI, and DOJ that were complicit. Also, the Judge that renewed the warrants. Sorry you got caught, but you've all been committing crimes against the American People for a decade or more and NOBODY has been held accountable!

Oh, it's happening, Sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

Lo and behold, all of the rhetoric and posturing by Dems at the top has been to keep the truth away from us. How about that!

Anonymous said...

It's not the FBI that's being criticized: just a few bad apples, some of whom are - or were- at the top. If anything other than exposing the origins of this bullshit Russian investigation funded by democrat operatives, this should be the warning shot to our venerable agencies to clean up their act. They have to be held accountable.
For those at the top who were aware of this flim-flam, they need to be fired and or imprisoned.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure our president is 'shaking in his boots'...the FBI is laughable...