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Saturday, February 03, 2018

Mom teams up with daughter to fight girl on school bus

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — Officials say a high school freshman’s mother joined her in a fight against another girl on a school bus in an Atlanta suburb.

News outlets quote a Gwinnett County Schools police report as saying cellphone video shows 35-year-old Nijah Underwood hitting the girl’s face.

Central Gwinnett High School principal Shane Orr says in a letter the two students got into a fight at a bus stop. One boarded the bus when it arrived while the other went home to get her mother. The mother and daughter confronted her despite the bus driver’s efforts to stop them.



Anonymous said...

Kids will be Kids and animals will be animals

Anonymous said...

It's a Nature Channel thing.

Anonymous said...

Why do schools make big promises to prevent bullying and then stand waaaay back when issues like this occur? This was the end result of a parent and student at wit's end after going through the "channels".

Anonymous said...

Ms. Underwood, your new name is NINJA!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Government run schools are failing our kids.

Anonymous said...

“Nijah”? Hmmmm, I wonder, you suppose?