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Saturday, February 03, 2018

Developing: New Hillary Emails Released - Contains Directions on Deleting

The State Dept. recently released new Hillary Clinton emails; this piece will provide a quick-to-read breakdown of two exchanges.

First is an email that appears to be a discussion over deleting data from a Blackberry, much like the ones Hillary Clinton uses. Note the names of the emails:

From: Justin Cooper

Sent: 9/2/2011 8:03:46 PM

To: Bryan M. Pagliano

CC: Jon Davidon

Subject: Re: Question

Easy to do
Go to settings
Service books
And delete anything that says cmime

Try to leave the stuff that says desktop

Got that jd?



Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that cmime might be a misspelling (perhaps intentional) of crime.

Anonymous said...

Lock her ass up. (map)

Anonymous said...

Hope they retrofit some of the quarters for Gitmo guests for a number of females, starting with Her Hillaryness.