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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The One Electric Car That Makes Some Sense . . .

It’s interesting about the Chevy Volt.

Uniquely, it carries around its own recharger – so it’s not tied to a corded umbilical like other electric cars. So it isn’t gimped by a much-abbreviated radius of action, like all other electric cars – the best of which can travel maybe 150 or so miles before their batteries conk out and the car must hook up to an electric IV for an extended recharging session.

When the Volt’s battery pack’s charge runs down, fresh current is fed into it as you drive – without having to stop driving.

This is superficially similar to the way a hybrid works but also very different.



Anonymous said...

That means over-priced, over weight, and more stuff to break. Nissan's original idea was a battery leasing program where you would pull up to the station and they would swap your battery for a charged one just as quick as a gas fill up. I do not know why they abandoned that for the slow charging systems used now.

Anonymous said...

They could also bring back my beloved Geo Metro. A spunky little 3 cylinder that got an actual 50- 52 MPG.

Anonymous said...

Or the old VW Rabbit diesel. 52 mpg. It also came as a little pickup truck. I wish I had one.