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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Permitless Carry Picking Up Steam In This State

Permitless carry, also called constitutional carry, is the goal for many states right now. The idea of having to jump through hoops in order to exercise your right to keep and bear arms for personal protection is ridiculous, and constitutional carry helps remove that burden from law-abiding gun owners’ lives.

Now, one state is inching a bit closer to this goal.

After gaining traction in several states last legislative session, permitless carry is now picking up steam in Wisconsin.

Earlier this week, a Senate committee voted along party lines to pass SB 169, which removes the licensing requirement for those who want to carry a concealed firearm for self-defense. The National Rifle Association is strongly supporting the measure.

The bill was introduced earlier this year by state Sen. David Craig and state Rep. Mary Felzkowski, and boasts 39 co-sponsors.

“We already give people the ability to openly carry a firearm without a license,” Sen. Craig said in a statement when announcing the legislation. “With this bill, law-abiding citizens will have the same right to carry discreetly that they currently have to carry openly.

“If you decide to throw on a coat, you should not be considered a criminal.”




Anonymous said...

Hogan will not sign it

Anonymous said...

Wake Up HOGAN!

Anonymous said...

He won't be re elected either.

Anonymous said...

no one reads the articles?

its not marylandistan, no way in hell that would ever happen in this democrat stronghold

its wisconsin

Anonymous said...

Hogan is a huge disappointment.

Screw me once, shame on you, twice, shame on me.

Anonymous said...

I just want Maryland to lower fees and restrictions on getting weapons and right to carry permits. Hogan is worthless also in this area. Everybody will comment on it has to be passed by the Legislature but Hogan has not introduced a Bill along these lines. Hogan is a weak link constantly proving he is a chameleon Republican, better known as a Democrat in disguise.

lmclain said...

9:46 is a cheerleader, big time.

"We, the people" don't need a "lower fee" or "less restrictions" and we don't need another man's permission.
We don't need to pay a fee at all and we don't need to give any cop our fingerprints, listen to a cop lecture, submit to a 3 hour interview by cops, or get their permission.
Carry a gun whenever and wherever you want.
If someone wants to take it from you, show them the business end of it and empty it on them.
Jury nullification.
Worked for O.J.
It's our RIGHT (both to carry and to use nullification) and we don't need ANYONE'S "permission".
They HATE IT when I say that.
Keep cheering

Anonymous said...

Permission to protect myself is mine to grant. No legislature or man with a shiny pin follows me around at the hip so where will they be when needed? Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6. Do you hear us Hogan? We don't need you to tell us its ok.