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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The NFL's Worst Fumble Yet

President Donald Trump tapped into the sentiment of the vast majority of Americans over the weekend, and the Leftmedia hate him for it. “Trump turns sports into a political battleground,” headlined The Washington Post, as if athletes, coaches, owners and commentators hadn’t already politicized sports.

What Trump did do was give voice from the most powerful bully pulpit in the land to what many Americans already think: Athletes who make millions of dollars each year to entertain us on the field should not spit in the face of our great nation by disrespecting the national anthem before games. Take the activism off the field.

The reaction in the NFL was predictable. Many more players joined the anthem protests, taking knees and locking arms. Even a couple of owners joined in.

One instance that stood out was the Pittsburgh Steelers, who didn’t take the field at all until after the national anthem — except for Steelers offensive tackle and former Army Ranger Alejandro Villanueva. “This We’ll Defend” is the U.S. Army motto, and he upheld it with honor.

For his part, coach Mike Tomlin was critical … of Villanueva. “I was looking for 100 percent participation. We were gonna be respectful of our football team,” he complained of Villanueva standing alone..



Anonymous said...

Black players criticizing white America for being white, and a black coach criticizing a white player for being white. Is it even possible for them to be more racist?

Anonymous said...

I think this thing is blown way out of proportion. It's like a broken record. Just shut up already, what is the big deal? Ignore them, everyone goes on about this like they are threatening America. Let them have their say and move on. Jeez!

Anonymous said...

Way to much Drama and attention --
the News Media loves it!

lmclain said...

Tomlin says he wanted "100% participation" and "we were gonna be respectful" to the team.
First, he wanted to bully people into doing something they absolutely didn't believe in???
Secondly, it pains me to hear him refer to "respect".

These spoiled rich guys are starting to believe their own hype. They are not anything to most people and most people do not care what they think or feel.
I used to like Tomlin.

Anonymous said...

2:54 p.m. you think disrespecting your country is "blown way out of proportion.?"

The big deal is that over many decades men died to give you the right to say the idiotic things you are saying right now.

The problem is you are ignorant and or stupid. We all had an education you should know what our history is in this country, and the rest of the world.

"Let them say what they want to say?" Yes obviously they have that right on their own time not on the taxpayer's dime/time or the employers dime/time.

"What is the big deal?" Our founding fathers are the big deal and they gave you something that you cannot have in any other country. If you said this in some other countries, they would hunt you down but not only you, also your family.

When you try to start to tear down the Patriotic fabric of a country you can destroy that country. So it is a threat.

"Let them have their say"

Again that is on their own time. But what they are saying is now destroying them. And they do not even know that the Liberals/ Democrats are part of a scheme to destroy the National Football League and the team players are helping to destroy their very livelihood.

The American people do not like you disrespecting the United States of America no matter how many games you have won, or how many stupid dances you did after scoring a goal.

Anonymous said...

It is in fact "blown way out of proportion" and has been blown that way (propaganda) with expert attention to detail. These Hollywood script writers and absolutely brilliant. The US is so divided right now, it is unbelievable - and all as a result of the incredible production of NFL players messing with your minds!

Wake up and stop caring.


Don't fall for it.
Simply stop participating in this make-believe charade.
It is a scripted propaganda hit piece against the US population.