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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Fire Reported At Stephen Decatur High School

Berlin, Ocean City, Ocean Pines responding to a reported building fire at Stephen Decatur High School. Smoke in the front office. All students being evacuated at this time. Use caution in the area.


Anonymous said...

Hurray!!! "Super Chief" Steve Price is on his way to save the day!! LMAO.

Hope no one is hurt.

Anonymous said...

All units have returned to the station like smoke in the office everything has been cleared and students have been allowed back into the building

Anonymous said...

probably just some teachers smoking weed...since they aren't drug tested..smh

Anonymous said...

Smoking in the boys room..🎼🚬🎵

Anonymous said...

If teachers were drug tested, we all know what would happen!