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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

NFL Star Asks 1 Question His Anthem-Kneeling Colleagues Refuse to Answer

Over the past few days, there have been numerous NFL players, coaches, and other personnel who have strongly objected to President Donald Trump’s Friday night remarks about what he thought should be done to those who kneel during the national anthem.

While a great many players have participated in the protests since Friday as a way of rebuking Trump, several have come out in defense of his statement and explained why they refuse to partake in this meaningless protest.

Broncos defensive end Derek Wolfe is one of the players who has refused to kneel. On Sunday he issued a statement defending his decision not to kneel, and asked a tough question of those who do, NBC Sports Pro Football Talk reported.


Anonymous said...

None of these morons have a clue why they are kneeling.

Anonymous said...

i'll be doing my lawn work on Sundays from now on. f them

Anonymous said...

Protest aren’t intended to make people feel comfortable. People are more upset about a cloth and a song rather the injustices against actual Americans lives.

Anonymous said...

2:29 What injustices??

Anonymous said...

These idiots that are not standing for the National Anthem are making ten million dollars or more in one year. Most Americans do not even make a half a million dollars in their entire lifetime. And they are protesting racial inequality. They must be idiots. Where else in the world could they go and make that much money. And they are just playing ball, what they love to do. Also, they only play once a week and their season isn't even that long. Our soldiers and police officers, and first responders make like twenty-five thousand in a year. They need to get off of their asses and knees and respect the country that has been so good to them.