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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Survey: Just A Quarter Of Americans Can Name All 3 Branches Of Government

A sizable portion of the American public seems to show little interest in the fabric of the country’s government and history, a new survey finds.

Researchers at the Annenberg Public Policy Center (APPC) surveyed over 1,000 American adults, finding a shocking lack of knowledge as it pertains to U.S. politics among the general populace.

Fifty-three percent of respondents believed the falsehood that illegal immigrants aren’t granted any constitutional rights, while 37 percent couldn’t even name a single right endowed by the First Amendment.

Thankfully, 48 percent of those surveyed were able to identify freedom of speech as being a right enshrined by the First Amendment, although far fewer could identify other rights accorded.

These include freedom of religion (15 percent), freedom of the press (14 percent), right of peaceful assembly (10 percent), and right to petition the government (three percent).

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Anonymous said...

Legislative, executive, and judicial

Anonymous said...

There's the Left branch, the Right branch, and the other one, whose name escapes me at the moment.

Anonymous said...

This is because the liberals that control the public educational system has succeeded in dumbing down the American people. Just ask one of these college educated snowflake millennials anything. This should prove to you how dumbed down the educated really are. They don't know anything about anything.

Anonymous said...

Clinton, Busch and Clinton. However that has changed lol

Anonymous said...

6:49 One of those college educated snowflake millennials here. Ask me anything.

Anonymous said...

And yet every immigrant that passes the citizenship test has to know the answer to the three branches of government question. Sad our schools, and our teachers that are ALWAYS asking for more money, can't teach our own natural born citizens about our government.

Anonymous said...

Good for the majority.
I wish I knew nothing about this terrible government.

Anonymous said...

The liberals have taken the U.S. history requirement out of schools for a reason. They get more votes from the ignorant.